February 2014: Mini Aussie Puppies

Available Mini Aussie puppies from November 2013 at Breezemore's Maine Miniature Australian Shepherds.

November 2013 Mini Aussie Litter

February 2014: New Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppies!

Belle and Eli had a litter of six puppies (four females and two males) on the 9th of February. These puppies will be 8 weeks old on April 6th 2014.

The photos below were taken on December 4th at 3 weeks and 6 days old.

Black Tri Female 1

This female is one of the two black tri's.  She has beautiful, bright copper markings which blend nicely with her white half-collar.  She is easily the bravest of the litter, always on the lookout for an adventure. 


Black Tri Female 2

The second of Belle's black tri's, she has a nice bright copper trim with a full white collar.  This girl can always be seen dragging around a toy, but she will drop it at a moments notice for a chance at attention.

Thank you so much Smith family, her name is Bella

Red Tri Female 3

This is our littlest pup.  While she may be lacking in size she certainly isn't lacking in energy. While all the other puppies are ready to snuggle in for a nap she can be found clambering over the pile looking for someone to play with.  He copper blends in nice with her red coat and she has minimal white markings.

Thank you so much Miranda & Darren, her name is "Tilly"



Blue Merle Female 4

With a unique dark merling and bright copper this girl is quite the eye catcher!  This girl is far from shy - to pick her up means you better be prepared for plenty of puppy kisses.


Many thanks to Liz for providing "Mattie" with her forever home!

Red Tri Male 1

This is one regal looking shepherd.  He has a shocking white trim with a bright half-collar.  He us one of our more mellow pups - but do not mistake that for shyness!  Let him close to your face and you can expect plenty of puppy kisses to brighten your day.

We'll be sad to see this beautiful boy go, but we are happy knowing "Moose" will be joining Joe and Kasey along with "Badger" (another previous Breezemore pup) in their forever home!

Blue Merle Male 2

This is a nice and brightly merled boy with a stunning copper coloring.  He is our "brick" of the litter - just as wide as he is tall.  While he loves to snuggle, he is ready to grab a toy and play at a moments notice.  


Thank you to Jenna and Ryan, for choosing this guy. His name is "Kona"