Our Adult Aussies

The adult Mini Aussies at Breezemore.  From Blue Merles, Red Tris, Black Tris and our past Miniature Australian Shepherds, they're all here.

A very very new newborn Mini Aussie Blue Merle puppy at Breezemore

Our Adult Mini Aussies at Breezemore!

Our Adults are registered AKC as Australian Shepherds and ASDR as Miniature Australian Shepherds.  They are all cleared of MDR1, HC, and PRA/PRCD.

This page is currently being updated so bear with us. We have 2 new girls, Prize and Maddie that have joined the clan. They join our studmuffin Bodie, upcoming stud cupcake Maddox, and all the girls Zola, Marlo, Crash, Izzy, Dixon, Mason & Ruby. Please check out our Facebook page or email me for info on these Breezemore additions.  Descriptions with certifications will be added shortly.













Marlo [retired]


Eli [retired]

Elijah Blue, a Blue Merle Miniature Australian Shepherd at Breezemore.com

Eli is Blue Merle male who is 15" tall at the withers with one and a half blue eyes. Eli also has a very soft coat. His C.E.R.F certification for eyes is "Clear." Hip O.F.A preliminaries are "Good," and elbow O.F.A preliminaries are "Good." Eli is registered through the National Stock Dog Registry (N.S.D.R).

When I was looking for a male I knew I wanted a well socialized dog, loving and with good conformation. I really got the best of everything with this guy. Eli loves all people, he is gentle with all ages, I think he truly believes all faces are meant for him to kiss. He is intelligent and eager to learn and please, usually I only need to show him once and he's got it down.

Kylie, a Black Tri at Breezemore's Mini Aussies

Lil Creeks Midnight Breeze (aka Kylie):

  • Registered through the NSDR & ASDR
  • MDR1 M/M
  • HC N/N (clear)
  • CRM1 N/N (clear)                                       

Kyle is a blue-eyed Black Tri with excellent bone, She is a rock solid girl with  a goofy Aussie personality.

Ky's litter born on 5/26/17 is her last, she blessed us with 8 beautiful babes and is now retired.

Jazzy [retired]

Jasmine is a Dark Red Tri female Mini Aussie at Breezemore.com

Jasmine is 15" tall at the withers with amber eyes and dark red tri coat. She was born here at Breezemore. Her C.E.R.F Certification for eyes is in process. Hip O.F.A and elbow O.F.A will be done later this year. Jazzy is registered through the National Stock Dog Registry (N.S.D.R).

She is the sweetest Aussie, she has a very loving personality and is devoted to us. Jazz can sneak onto the couch, curl up next to you so quietly that you don't even realize she's there. We did wonder for a while if she had actual bones, as she sorta just melts on you . She will always pick a snuggle over a walk, she is the ultimate couch potato. Jazz's coat is a deep chocolate with fiery red highlights, she has great conformation and bones.

Maggie [retired]

Maggie is a Black Tri Mini Aussie at Breezemore.

Maggie is the sweetest Aussie, calm and laid back all the time, her favorite thing is to snuggle on the couch with us. Maggie has the most wonderful coat; it is long, thick and soft. Her and Eli had the fluffiest puppies we've seen yet at Breezemore. Maggie now lives right down the road with my brother-and-sister-in-law where she keeps a cat in line.

Belle Bear [retired]

Lily [retired]

Stringer Belle, aka Belle Bear is an adorable black tri with vivid copper. 

Lily, a Red Tri female Miniature Australian Shepherd at Breezemore.

Lily is our first Mini Aussie, she is why we love the breed. Lily shows that a Miniature is just like the Standard Aussie, just in a smaller package. Lily is 16.75" tall at the withers with amber eyes. Her C.E.R.F Certification for eyes is "clear." Hip O.F.A is "good," and elbow O.F.A is "normal." Lily is registered through the National Stock Dog Registry (N.S.D.R). She is very family oriented, truly a Velcro dog, she follows us everywhere and wants to be involved in all that we do. As typical with the Aussie breed, Lily is protective of her home and family, a little reserved with strangers but warms up once she knows its okay. Lily is very athletic and has an incredible verticle leap, she can outlast anyone in a game of catch.

After Lily's last litter, she now rules the roost here at Breezemore.