October 2014: Zola's Aussie Puppies

Available Mini Aussie puppies from October 2014 at Breezemore's Maine Miniature Australian Shepherds.  From Bodie and Zola!

October 2014 Mini Aussie Litter

October 2014: Zola's First Mini Aussie Puppies!

Zola and Bodie graced Breezemore with the arrival of five stunning and healthy puppies on October 18, 2014.  Thanks to their parentage these puppies have been cleared for both MDR1 and HC & PRA/PRCD.

Black Tri Female 1

With two vivid blue eyes countered by a deep black coat, this girl is adorable…and she has the personality to match!  She is one of Zola’s calmer puppies - perfectly content to watch the other pups wrestle over one another while she observes - then pounces.  She loves to cuddle, and is always ready to cover you with kisses.

Breezemore is pleased to introduce “Lola”, a new addition to the Roberts Family!

Black Tri Female 2

Two bright copper spots situated above two bright blue eyes, Zola and Bodie have gifted Breezemore another breathtaking puppy.  She has a half white collar, and is one of the smallest pups in the litter.  Don’t let her size fool you - she is one of the most mischievous pups always finding trouble for herself and her siblings.

Breezemore is pleased to introduce “Savior”, many thanks to Laurie for giving this pup her forever home!

Black Tri Male

This pup is our lover boy, and the most social of our pups.  He is overjoyed to spend time with people loving to snuggle and kiss.  He is the biggest of the litter and rugged to boot; he has a nice white blaze and partial collar.


Breezemore is pleased to introduce “Mason” who will be joining another Breezemore babe - “Winnie”.  Many thanks to Chip and Jen!

Blue Merle Male

This boy is all flash!  With bright blue merling, varying shades of black and grey offset by bright white and shiny blue eyes.  This boy can’t get enough play time, but give him a few minutes to calm down and he’ll spend the night snuggled right up close.  Except for the occasional outburst of sloppy puppy kisses of course!

Many thanks to Maureen for giving this boy his forever home, his name is Eli!

Red Tri Male

This pup is a standard red tri - pretty red coat countered by his bright white chest and feet with a nice copper trim.  This is the smallest male of the litter, but the way he plays you would think he is the biggest.  This pup is the first to start playing and the last to stop - he is always the top of the dog pile.

Breezemore is pleased to introduce “Huxley”, many thanks to Alyson and Matt!