April 2015: Belle's Mini Aussie Pups!

Available Mini Aussie puppies from October 2014 at Breezemore's Maine Miniature Australian Shepherds.  From Bodie and Zola!

October 2014 Mini Aussie Litter

March 2015:  Belle Bear Mini Aussie Pups :)

Belle had eight wonderful little pups on the 10th of March! There were four girls and four little boys.

Female 1 Black Tri

She is such a gentle sweetheart.  Which means at eight weeks and one day, she's going to turn into a wild child.

Female 2 Red Merle

Female 3 Blue Merle

Female 4 Blue Merle

Male 1 Red Tri

This guy has a great look; one green eye and on blue set on a nearly solid face.  When they're this young, they tend to loose the minimal white like he has on his nose and forehead as they age.

Male 2 Black Tri

Male 3 Black Tri

This guy has such vivid copper and very minimal white.  The blue eyes just cut through. 

Male 4 Dilute Black Tri

Our Bodie carries the genes for dilute coat colors and this guy is a perfect example of it.  He's clearly grey, but is officially classified as a black tri when he gets registered.