Early June 2016: Ruby's First Mini Aussie Pups

Available Mini Aussie pups from Breezemore in Maine.  Cute Australian Shepherds puppies ready for their forever familes!

October 2014 Mini Aussie Litter

June 2016:  Ruby's First Mini Aussie Litter :)

This is Ruby's very first litter!  A great mix with Bodie here at Breezemore brought six wonderful puppies into our home on the 3rd of June 2016.

Female Black Tri

I've been really happy with the Bodie and Ruby mix, it's led to some really stocky Aussie pups. This little girl certainly fulfills that trait.

'Pepper' - Blue Merle

This little one has grown into some really incredible facial patterns as the weeks have flown by.

'Oswin' - Red Tri

'Fox' - Black Tri

This little guy has Ruby's square build and made it out of the gate with two stunning blue eyes.

Male 2 Red Merle

Male 3 Red Merle

This guy is all tongue.  If you pick him up, I hope you're a fan of wet willies.