Early March 2016: New Miniature Australian Puppies

Available Mini Aussie pups from Breezemore in Maine.  Cute Australian Shepherds puppies ready for their forever familes!

October 2014 Mini Aussie Litter

March 2016:  Zola and Bo's Mini Aussie Pups

Zola and our boy Bodie brought 6 Miniature Australian Shepherd pups to Breezemore on the 24th of March!

'Clint' - Male 3 Blue Merle

This blue merle has a great white blaze that gives his merling a softened look.

Male 1 Black Tri

Zola and Bodie is always such a great combination for blue eyes on the black tris.  This litter is no exception!

Male 2 Black Tri

She's got some really vivid copper that just make her little eyebrows just pop against her black coat.

Female 1 Red Tri

There's just something about these little red girls that have my heart!  She's such a doll.

'Sadie' - Female 2 Red Tri

Female 3 Black Tri

If you click the little picture to the left, you'll be able to see the enlarged proof that yes, she is a black tri and not a black bi.  She has minimal copper markings on her.