Late June 2016: Mini Aussie Pups!

Available Mini Aussie puppies from October 2014 at Breezemore's Maine Miniature Australian Shepherds.  From Bodie and Zola!

October 2014 Mini Aussie Litter

June 24, 2016: Mason's First Mini Aussie Pups!

Mason had her very first little litter of four little ones on June 24th 2016!

Black Tri Male

This little guy has one stunning blue eye with a great blaze.  He gets more handsome by the day, and he isn't afraid to tell you all about it.  He is a sweet, gentle boy with plenty of Aussie spunk.
Thank you Kathryn, you will have so much fun with this little boy.

Red Tri (Lil' Bit)

This little one has had quite the little start to life.  She's a little behind her siblings, but she's catching up!  But certainly not in size.  She's forever going to be a tiny girl.  If you've been following our Facebook Page, this is Lil' Bit!

Red Tri (The Giant)

This pup makes the other red tri look like a little hamster.  Definitely still a mini... but not quite on the same scale has the sibling above :)
Thank you so much Olivia, Griffen will so enjoy joining you and Moxie (a Breezemore babe from Marlo/Bodie)

Blue Merle

Our only merle, and what a sweetie.  This was such  a quite and calm pup that had me fooled into thinking she's never going to become a hellion!  Well, puppy shenanigans have started, and she is right in the middle of the fray.  Misha is full of love, snuggles and sass.
Thank you Lussier Family, she is a wonderful addition to your family.